NYC Day 1

Up front I would like to say three things:
1) Yes, there are more stories than I will post here
2) Yes, there are far mor
e photos than I will post here
3) I love New York City

Okay, here’s what we did today.

We met John outside our hotel – it was so good to see him again – and waited for Marty to join us. John also bought a cheese pretzel…mmm. We had a quick scout around the outside of the American Museum of Natural History so I could take some photos for Kelly T at work (her Aunt used to work there back in the day). Then we got a MetroCard so we could jump on a bus or train any time and headed downtown.

The weather forecast said light rain/cloudy for most of our week but today was pretty clear so we figured it would be good idea to go up the Empire State Building. I know it’s really tall and everything but… what the crap?! That thing is tall!! You can look up the stats if you want to. I didn’t need to worry about my fear of losing my mind and jumping off because it’s really well barricaded, so that was nice. (I would never jump but when I find myself up high, I always wonder and it scares me silly).

Anyway, after that Burfit went to a games store he’d been desperate to see nearby and John and I found a place to eat lunch. It’s pretty cool that you can walk down the street (nearly any street it seems) and stumble across a place that sells half decent food!

After lunch we did the Circle Line Ferry Tour which was a lot more fun than I had expected. That’s not to say I thought it would be boring, but I figured it would be more educational/academically interesting than entertaining. But it was SO entertaining – I mean the guy who narrated the tour was funny. Informative and funny! Also bloody freezing.

By the time the ferry tour finished we only had enough time to go back to our respective hotels and change clothes for the night. Skipping dinner didn’t matter too much because I was far too excited about seeing Wicked at the Gershwin Theatre. It was fabulous! I suspect seeing any broadway show would be exciting but this production of Wicked was really fantastic. So fantastic I cried. Yes.

After the show we had dinner at Applebee’s which was close by. Marty (despite being in his mid 30s) was not allowed to order a beer because he didn’t have any photo ID on him.

John enjoyed his beer very loudly indeed.

Marty enjoyed his pink lemonade to a lesser degree.

Things I learned today
Marty prefers to cross an intersection while the red hand is flashing. Even better is a solid red hand – now that’s a real challenge.
I don’t mind a Strawberry Daiquiri.

Photos from today
(click to enlarge)

The view from our hotel balcony (Upper West Side)

I have taken many, many photos of buildings against the sky.

Look there’s another one.

Taken from the Empire State Building
Mid-Town East / Upper East Side

These birds don’t care how high up they are.

Looking downtown at the financial district.

Ellis Island

Hooray for Wicked (and Snapple)!

You guys know where we are, right?


One response to “NYC Day 1

  1. That 3rd photo is especially beautiful. So classy and cool.

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