NYC Day 2

We had a bit of a sleep in this morning which was a relief. Funny how even a slight change in time zones (3 hours behind) makes a big difference. We had brunch at Uno Chicago Grill on the corner of West 81st and Columbus and while browsing the menu I noted they do GF pizza… hmmm /store-file-click!

We had planned on visiting the Natural History Museum but John and Marty already spent most of the morning there so we decided to check out the Guggenheim via Central Park. While strolling through the park, John and Marty mentioned they’d been to the Dakota Hotel where John Lennon was shot.

Marty: It’s a slice of history. Can you imagine? It’s easy if you try…

The conversation quickly descended into Beatles-related wordplay. For example:

Burfit gets out his MetroCard and shows it to us
Burfit: I’ve got a ticket to ride.
Durdlin: Put that away. I wanna hold your hand.
Marty: Well, all you need is love.

And so on… this exchange opened the way to more bad jokes throughout the day. Marty started calling the Guggenheim the “Guggie”. John and Burfit have a much higher threshold for walking slowly looking at stuff than Marty and I do so I warned them: If you run out of time to see everything don’t blame it on the Guggie. Boom boom.

Anyway, Central Park is really big. You probably knew this already and I thought I did too. I just didn’t realise quite how big. Marty led the way and took us to the Belvedere Castle on the Great Lawn before heading to the section of 5th Avenue called “Museum Mile” where the Guggenheim is.

I found the Guggenheim moderately interesting and went at my own pace which was good. John and Burf took a lot longer than me but that allowed me time to sit and have a drink every floor or so. My sister calls it gallery fatigue which is considerably more sophisticated than ekka legs which is what we’ve been calling it for the last eight or nine years. There are no cameras allowed above the main floor so I have precious little to show from the “Guggie”. If you want more info on the exhibition “The Third Mind: American Artists Contemplate Asia, 1860–1989”, you’re probably best to talk to Burfit. Or maybe look at their website. I can’t help you.

By the time the Guggenheim closed we were ready to eat so we caught the subway back to the Upper West Side and wandered around waiting for some place to take our fancy. We found an Italian place called Nonna on Columbus which was a great find. Delicious food, warm atmosphere. And not too far away from our next stop: Stand Up New York. I’ve never been to a proper comedy club so it was quite an experience. The moderately sized room had a low ceiling, was really crowded and honestly, felt like a bit of a fire trap – thank goodness there was no smoking allowed! Despite being uncomfortably close to our fellow patrons we had a really great night. The line-up for 8pm March 14, was solid and everyone was well received (except maybe one chick who I think misread the audience). There was a two drink minimum so I tried an Apple Martini which was almost undrinkable until I ordered a Sprite to dilute it as much as possible. Even then I only got through about a quarter of the stuff. Echh.

After the show we were still hyped from all the laughing so decided to get dessert. We ended up back at Uno near our hotel where cheesecake, apple crumble and a decadent Reece’s-chocolate-peanut-butter-clog-your-arteries-dish was happily consumed. This was followed by gratefully tumbling into bed.

Things I learned today
It seems kids feel they can bully anyone these days. John was nearly tripped by a 6 year old punk who was walking through Central Park with his family. When John turned around to look at him he was doing the universal gesture for “Whatcho lookin’ at? Wanna make something of it?”
We kept walking.

Photos from today
(click to enlarge)

One entrance to Central Park – near our hotel.

View of the park from Belvedere Castle.

Slab of Egyptian stone so heavy the poor lobsters couldn’t stand up under the weight.

I never imagined the NYPD would have such adorable transportation.
It’s called “The Interceptor” – tee hee.

The “Guggie”


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