NYC Day 4

This morning we finally made it to the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) and as predicted, ran out of time. Areas we explored in some detail included:

The Rose Centre for Earth and Space
My mind was officially blown over and over again by the science of space and the vastness of time.
Lots of fun except for the very loud school class who accompanied us most of the way.

The Hall of Ocean Life
We’ve recently watched this series on YouTube and were interested to see what the AMNH might have on the ocean. Okay, okay we also wanted to see the huge blue whale model and famous whale/squid display.

The Hall of Human Origins
Interesting evolutionary stuff. We were running out of time by this stage and couldn’t hang around for as long as we’d have liked.

The Fossil Hall
On our way out we did a quick whip around the Fossil Hall and had a gawk at all the old stuff. Rad.

After that we met up with John who was watching some filming near the corner of West 59th and 5th (I’m told it was for Gossip Girl and we just missed a kissing scene). But anyway, anyway, anyway. We chose our lunch venue at random again and hit on a really cute Italian place. This place was fabulous. Even the bread and olive oil we got was amazing. In fact, the olive oil was probably the best bit believe it or not. It was so tasty! I don’t have the vocabulary to wax lyrical about olive oil but trust me, it was really, very good. In fact, if I was presented with the opportunity to go to an olive oil tasting bar, I wouldn’t rule it out.

I was so impressed with this place that I decided to hang around and have a proper Italian cappuccino (which meant a proper sit down which was lovely). Meanwhile Burfit and John went to the 5th Avenue Apple Store to get some noise cancelling headphones. On the way to Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) we got distracted by F.A.O Schwartz. We saw the piano from the movie Big (which you can buy for a measly US$250K) and loads of other cool stuff. Including Muppets Whatnots. Oh! How the five-year-old in me wanted to buy one of these! Actually the twenty-eight-year-0ld me really wanted to buy one too but I resisted. I loved browsing at F.A.O. Schwartz and somehow managed to buy nothing. Not even a tin of F.A.O. “Schweetz”.

Finally at MoMA we split up so we could all go at our own pace – another good move. Despite moving through the 6 floors quickly I thoroughly enjoyed MoMA and would recommend it to everyone. The boys lingered until closing time and still didn’t make it to the 6th floor.

After MoMA I had the evening to myself because the boys had made plans to see a movie I didn’t really fancy seeing so I put some effort into searching for my perfect handbag. I went to Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s but still found nothing on the handbag front. I did however sate my consumer frenzy by buying some small, pretty things (earrings, a beaded bracelet and a necklace).

Despite dangerously low energy levels I successfully negotiated the subway and found my way back to our hotel – stopping only for my very own delicious gluten-free pepperoni pizza. Good times.

Things I learned today
A proper Italian cappuccino deserves to be savoured.
Serious shopping takes serious effort.

Photos from today
(click to enlarge)

Elephant Seals @ AMNH

Happy flying jazz-hands turtle thingy @ AMNH

Whoa… big.

I have no idea what this was.

Muppet Whatnot = WANT

I tried to design a TGV Whatnot in a BOBS uniform. Do you think I’m close?

The piano from “Big”

You can take him Burf… he’s only made of Lego.

Gluten-free Pepperoni!!!


3 responses to “NYC Day 4

  1. Just looked through your Picasa album – some really fabulous snaps in there! You guys look like you’ve had an amazing time and have some brilliant memories for the years to come. So happy for you!!

  2. a) I’m sorry to hear your grandfather isn’t well. I hope he gets better soon.

    b) Your trip sounds RAD. I love reading about it and seeing the pics. I can’t wait to hear more about it when you get back here.

    c) There’s nothing wrong with noisy school classes. I think. Well, that’s what I’m trying to tell myself, anyway.

  3. Did you see me in the Fossil Hall? I waved.
    Dearie me. Can’t think what’s got into my sense of humour these days.

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