NYC Day 5

We decided our last full day in town should start with a decent breakfast so I asked the guy at the front desk to recommend somewhere close. You’ll have to imagine a syrupy southern accent (think Forest Gump if all else fails) that dripped out v e r y slowly. It felt like an entire minute went by while he said, “Sarabeth’s Kitchen between 80th and 81st on Amsterdam Avenue…”. So anyway, we walked over to Amsterdam Avenue and found Sarabeth’s Kitchen between 80th and 81st just like he said. And he was right to recommend it. We had a great breakfast.
I never promised all my stories would be interesting, did I?

After breakfast I decided it would be a good idea to jump on a cross-town bus rather than catching 2 or 3 connecting trains to get over to the Upper East Side and The Met. And it worked out very well, thank you. I was disproportionately excited about being on a bus. I don’t know why it was so thrilling, it just was.

Since the St Patrick’s Day Parade goes right up 5th Avenue, we figured we’d hang around and see some of the parade before starting our Met Adventure. I’m glad we did too, because what a rad parade! It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement when everyone around you is dressed in green and a little wacky. We clapped and cheered for a few groups and then there was a big break in the parade where, for about 10 minutes, NYPD vehicles screamed up and down 5th avenue with sirens blaring, darting to or from exactly what, I don’t know. During this time I noticed a number of police with official looking “anti-terrorism squad” jackets and a couple of snipers atop The Met. They seemed friendly enough.
After the kerfuffle, the parade started up again and I forgot about being nervous. One video I took was the Halls of Montezuma which I didn’t know is the official anthem of the United States Marine Corps. Wikipedia tells me they took out a copyright on the tune in 1919 but it’s now in the public domain.
It’s also the KGSHS song and, as Marty excitedly pointed out, the Adelaide Crows song too. What a crowd pleaser.

We stayed at the parade a lot longer than originally intended so by the time we started our Met Adventure it was after noon.

The Met is bloody huge so there was zero chance of seeing everything but I didn’t know this when I first looked at the map and the list of curatorial departments. Having recovered from a minor coronary, Burfit and I narrowed our interest down to a few departments:
Egyptian Art
Arms and Armor
Musical Instruments

We got lost more than once and so this allowed us to see bits and pieces of other areas which was great, if not a little hurried. Our Met Adventure over, we headed down town to the East Village where we met up with John to brave The Strand Bookstore. To say they have a lot of books does not nearly cover it. They buy libraries.

I was beyond tired by this stage and just wanted to sit down for a while. Okay, forever.
We had dinner and arranged to meet up with Marty – who was back by this stage – at the Rockerfella Centre so we could visit the Top of the Rock as a foursome. The Top of the Rock was pretty spectacular even though it’s not as tall as the Empire State Building (70 floors versus 86 or 102 depending how much you pay) but it does mean you get a good view of the Empire State Building. Of course we took dozens of photos that were all destined to be a bit crap because of the lack of light. But before my camera battery gave out I managed to get a couple of time delay shots which let in enough light to get a half decent shot.

Things I learned today:
Sometimes a tight, syncopated snare drum line is enough to make a Durdlin a bit teary.
Tomatoes are awesome. I could eat them every day.

Photos from today:
(Click to enlarge)

More cool buildings (one has a beard!)

I /clover O’Bama t-shirts

Snipers atop the Met

What a jolly man!

“New York is thatta way, man!”

Now that you mention it…

See all the books stacked up against the windows?

Pretty green Empire State Building for St Patrick’s Day


2 responses to “NYC Day 5

  1. I want to move into that first photograph.

  2. Green is a good colour to make everything. 😉

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