NYC Day 6

We wanted to avoid being in a rush for our flight in the afternoon so we only gave ourselves until after lunch to go places and do stuff. Burfit wanted to go back to The Strand Bookshop so we headed back to the East Village. He spent the morning amongst the dusty aisles and I stalked some more handbags around Union Square in a consumer frenzy. For a while I thought I’d found the bag but the lining was horrid. Could I really love a bag that I hated as soon as I opened it? No. I almost bought some jewellery too but I just couldn’t commit. I think it was more the consumer frenzy than the fact that I really liked the necklace.

We had lunch with John and Marty in the East Village and then said our goodbyes. We headed back to the hotel and hopped into a cab right on time. Or so we thought… we got to the airport very early for our flight – which had been delayed. Which made us worry that we might miss our connecting flight in Chicago. But despite leaving late, we ended up in Chicago on time. So we rushed from one end of the terminal to the other so we wouldn’t miss our next flight, and then found out that flight was delayed as well. And it got delayed several more times before we actually got to board. I don’t enjoy flying for so many reasons.

We ended up landing in Vancouver pretty close to midnight and I was utterly exhausted, sore and cranky. We sailed through customs and other check-points (which was something of a relief – we were a bit concerned about the “not valid for re-entry” bit on our visas) and made it out to the long queue for a cab. It was cold and rainy which was such a nice welcome back to Vancouver. I know we’ve only been here for a year but it really felt comfortable, coming back ‘home’. And the cold rain was such a nice touch. Thanks Vancouver.

Things I learned today:
Starbucks does a pretty good breakfast oatmeal.

Photos from today:
(Click to enlarge)

Union Square, where my handbag failed to show itself once again.

Looking back at Manhattan from the window of our taxicab on our way to the airport.


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