Wisdom Teeth

A day after we got home from NYC I had my wisdom teeth out. All four of the suckers.
The surgery went smoothly and the intravenous drugs worked a treat. I continue to have some residual pain but no infection or anything nasty so it’s nice to have the hard bit over and done with. Burfit has his turn soon.

While I’ve been taking it easy I’ve been eating lots of yoghurt, ice cream and mashed potato (yum) and spending lots of time online. We’ve also discovered a new favourite site: Picture is Unrelated

Currently making me giggle:

’20 pieces of silver pays for the seat but you’ll only need the edge’.

It’s provided a nice balance to the misery. Just make sure you don’t have a mouthful of anything while perusing this site because it may end up on your keyboard.


One response to “Wisdom Teeth

  1. HAAAA the expression on that cat’s face is so, so, so good.

    Word verification: catibun. Feline bakery?

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