The countdown begins

Problem: Husband out of sorts & got lots of yucky packing to do

Solution: Buy cupcakes!

This weekend we attempted a ‘practice pack’ to see just how much stuff we have (ouch).
Of course we have more than we thought, but it turns out we have even more than that (double ouch). In fact, we didn’t end up actually packing everything. It’s just sitting in small piles until we get some scales so we can determine how much all this stuff weighs. Boring!

Burfit is still a bit out of sorts due to his recent wisdom teeth extraction – but I hasten to point out he only had TWO removed. Lightweight.
Anyway, anyway, anyway, I thought it might cheer us up to walk down Denman Street to English Bay and buy 1/2 dozen mini cupcakes. It worked. Burfit smiled (or rather, looked a little less forlorn) and managed to down a gumdrop cupcake – sans gumballs – so I think he’s on the mend.

The Countdown
4 days left at work
2 weeks (14 sleeps, not counting naps) until we get on the plane


3 responses to “The countdown begins

  1. Who says “Anyway, anyway, anyway”. It’s driving me crazy. I know somebody does. Dawn French?

    The cupcakes are the crown jewels of patisserie – no doubt about it.

  2. Yes it’s Dawn French. I just finished reading “Dear Fatty”.

  3. It’s not as good as…



    ….. ok.”

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