The last week

A week is a long time to spend packing so in between periods of business, we’ve been slotting in other activities such as going to Science World, going to baby showers at ex places of employment, wandering around Stanley Park and English Bay and testing out fabulous restaurants. Oh, and we went to Fatburger in honour of TGV.

Cherry blossoms near the Stanley Park rose garden

I giggle every time I see this (near the pedestrian underpass on West Georgia St)

When we were kids you could always do these puzzles so easily.
Well, look who’s got the brain of an eight-year-old now!

Sunset at the Inukshuk at English Bay


2 responses to “The last week

  1. Wow, 5 photography stars for you. First one is just gorgeous! And the second would make an excellent poster.

  2. Thanks Hannah! BTW I’ve discovered Sarah’s (Yosh) blog through yours and I’m hooked. Go Japan!

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