– Our luggage was within weight limits and we got our excess baggage on the same flight.
– The flight itself, while not really a highlight, was more pleasant than expected.
– Having a cat in the house again, even though it’s not our cat.
– Afternoon rain and rainbow.

– The sun is hot and bright and I don’t like it.
– It’s not Vancouver.

– Having two dinners followed by two breakfasts.
– Waking up refreshed at 3:15am.
– Turning on the TV and seeing Corner Gas playing on SBS. What the?
– Having to ask the bus driver how many zones it was from Chermside to Bonney Ave and counting out miscellaneous coinage like a tourist.
– Driving my car again.


2 responses to “Re-entry

  1. Welcome home! Well, I can’t really welcome you back to Brisbane, being in Melbourne and all, but welcome back to the country! I remember when I got home from O/S and Tom (Kerr) said to me before I arrived that I really needed to do as much preparation for returning home as I did for going away, and he was spot on – it was hard coming “home” when I felt that overseas had been home, and I’d changed but no one had treated me differently etc etc. I hope you guys are adjusting well, but not feeling too settled, so you can be off on your next adventure soon!

  2. Damn, I wish someone had told me that. I’m struggling a bit with living in limbo-land with the folks.

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