Go Canucks Go!

As I write this I’m streaming the audio of Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Western Conference Semifinals. We’re currently up 1-0 at the end of the 2nd period*.

World Cup Soccer aside, I’ve never been interested in sport so my recent passion for the Canucks in the Stanley Cup Playoffs surprises even me. I can’t talk about hockey very well because I don’t have the right vocabulary and I freely admit I had to look up some words used by the commentators but it’s fantastically interesting. I’m hooked.

Weird, eh?

*The Blackhawks scored an equalising goal in the last few minutes of the game so it went into overtime. Then the Blackhawks scored again, winning 2-1. Damnit!


2 responses to “Go Canucks Go!

  1. are we talking ice hockey or field hockey?

    i have never seen ice hockey – would love to. it seems interestingly interesting.

  2. Yep, *ice hockey*.
    In Canada ‘hockey’ means ice hockey. They also have field hockey but no one seems to care if ice isn’t involved.

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