A whole mess of crap

I’ve started, deleted and re-started this more than a few times. Nothing makes sense. My brain is fried.

Obviously the best time to blog, right?

Had a busy weekend with lots of socialising which means I’m pooped. Went to a lovely wedding and met a new baby and visited a new church. Also cried.

Started a 2 week stint at a government department today – thanks Adele – and spent most of the day in training which I found slightly odd. You guys know I’m here for 2 weeks, right? Two (2)? Weeks? …….’kay. This is all going on my time sheet.

I got hideous blisters from my work shoes that I haven’t worn since we left Vancouver (except that’s a filthy, stinking lie; I worn them to the aforementioned wedding because I have no style). But I took them off when I walked home from the bus stop in the rain, so it’s not all bad.

No photos to show from the weekend. I must have inadvertently done something to my settings because they’re all fuzzy. Damn.

Hmmm, roast chicken. Yum.


3 responses to “A whole mess of crap

  1. You have plenty of style. I personally gave your shoes 8 out of 10. Nobody else got much better than that, except Jade and Chris of course. They both got 10.
    I don’t like to think of you crying. Please stop it at once.

  2. Agreed. Let me make you brownies. Pop in whenever you like.

  3. Awwww you’re both so sweet.
    Thank you. Seriously.

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