The happiest reunion

We went to visit Doctor Octagon today for the first time since we got back and I got a teensy bit weepy when I saw him.

Unfortunately he wasn’t at the fence waiting for us to show up. He was asleep on Katy’s bed completely unaware of the impending cuddle storm that was about to descend upon him. I think he recognised us – well, I’d like to think so. He followed us around outside a bit like he used to do, so that’s proof enough for me. He’s been very well loved and taken care of at Katy’s house, something for which we’re very grateful.

Now we just have to find a new place to live, install 1x fat cat and we’ll officially be home.


4 responses to “The happiest reunion

  1. you`re never truly home until you install a cat.

    `cept i cant have a cat here. so i have plants. but i kill them. sad story, huh?

    love the name doctor octagon… may steal it someday

  2. Yay for the Doctor in ‘da house!

  3. What a handsome doctor.

  4. This photos doesn’t show how fat he is.

    He is very fat. And happy.

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