Mixed bag

I was supposed to be writing a job application tonight but I’ve given up. Yes, that’s right. Given. Up. I’m well sick of writing applications for jobs I’m not even sure I want. All I know is that I want a job. See the difference?

I’ve already submitted a bunch of job applications which now bear the status “in progress”, and frankly I’m reluctant to add more to the pile. I do realise in this current economic climate that’s probaly quite foolish but it’s making me crazy. Besides, what if one of those jobs comes good? Or what if a permanent job comes out of my current temporary one? I also prefer to know a bit about the jobs I’ve applied for so I can sound well informed when someone calls. If I have 50 applications on the go it would be difficult to keep track.

Really I’m just making excuses for myself. I’ve been feeling really down about myself and my abilities lately which makes promoting myself even more difficult that normal. We’ve been back for nearly 7 weeks and I’ve been actively looking for a suitable job for the last 5. And still nothing! Although I guess it’s not that long in some respects.

But anyway, no TV and no beer make Homer something something, so I’ve been spending lots of time online and seeking out things that make me laugh (mostly “A Bit of Fry and Laurie” DVDs). Oh and Sapporo-Sarah, if you’re reading this, it’s only fair that you should know I’ve spent a good chunk of this Queen’s Birthday long weekend reading your old blog. Are the caramello bears you talk about Caramello Koalas? Also, what does ‘arb’ mean?

Some really lovely things happened this long weekend too which went a long way to helping me claw my way up out of my misery pit. Toby is now 3 years old (yike!) and likes to speak in third person about himself. Hilarious. Also more gluten-free brownies have found their way into the fridge. Kellee, you don’t know what good timing that was. Thank you.


8 responses to “Mixed bag

  1. Go crazy! 🙂

    Praying for your new job to unveil itself soon.

  2. Thinking of you at this time of re-adjusting, and sending you lots of positive thoughts and prayers and virtual gf chocolate brownies. (not as good as the real thing, but it's the thought that counts??? 🙂
    What's your temp job?

  3. At DET. I'm working 3 days in Registration and 2 days in Accreditation. Just until the end of June.

  4. Forgot to add THANKS for your kind words. I know it will come good. I just need some patience!

  5. Chin up petal :))) As my
    old man is wont to say to me during difficult and soul destroying times, "This too will pass", and it will, and nobody will be able to remember when you didn't have juicy, chunky, lovely and chocolatty (not a word….) full time employment.

    Keep pedalling and remember we all love you up here, even the poodle who's a bit of a princess.

  6. Tsk, that crazy poodle…
    Perspective restoration now in progress.

  7. Job hunting…makes my head explode. The right one will come. Amy job that makes you work too hard to get it is just not making the cut 🙂

    Good grief. My old blog. I'm flattered and very ashamed at the same time. I never gave much thought to what nonsense I put out there.

    Yes! Caramello bears – koalas! How awesome you call them koalas. Cos… Let's face it, that's what they are. I would like one now…

    Arb… Is this just a south african thing? It's short for arbitrary. Because we are too lazy to finish our words. We pretty much use it to describe anything from out of the ordinary to quite deranged!

  8. 'Arb' may be a South African thing but Australians also have a habit of shortening words: arvo, ambo, maccas, rellies, etc

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