Stayin’ Alive

I recently had WNYC’s Radio Lab recommended to me because of a show they did entitled Earworms (something like my inner audio gift/problem). I’ve listened to a few more episodes and have decided Radio Lab is my new favourite podcast. I like learning new things. And I particularly like remembering said learned things.

What I learned today and have a good chance of remembering:
When you’re giving someone CPR, you need to pump fast enough to create sufficient pressure but slow enough to let the heart contract between pumps. The optimum speed is 100bpm.

Most people, when recalling a pop song, can sing it back at the correct tempo. So this guy set about finding a well-known song that had the right tempo to help people remember how fast to pump.

He came up with ‘Stayin’ Alive‘ by the Bee Gees.


Queen’s ‘Another One Bites the Dust‘ also fits the bill (and has a stronger down-beat) but may be considered tactless in some situations.

*I can’t recall his name but check out the episode if you’re that keen.


2 responses to “Stayin’ Alive

  1. Dr. Bop of Bribie

    your medical advice is spot-on as usual. I rather like the QUEEN song, and it keeps the bystanders cheerful and focussed.

  2. I once learned a credit card is the ideal thing to slap over a gunshot wound. I learn many things throughout my day. It is never wise to ask how I come across my knowledge.


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