Simon says do your tax

First of all, a hearty thank you to the ATO* who have decided to let me submit a short tax return (4 pages!) instead of the other thing. I can’t even do e-tax this year because all my Important Stuff is still in storage.

It was a promising start: I had my laptop, bank statements, group certificate, cup o’ tea at the ready. I made some headway and, once I had dealt with a piece of Important Paper, I put it on the floor to my right.

/Enter Simon.

Simon – because he likes to help – tries to sit on my pile of Important Papers. Yes, I’ve already used them, but that doesn’t mean I want them crumpled and be-furred. I knew Simon was lurking nearby as he had just had a spat with his girlfriend, Misty-from-next-door, so I discarded some old envelopes on the floor to my left. When Simon was inevitably drawn inside by the sound of Important Papers and attempted to settle himself on them, I shooed him away and let him discover the pile of envelopes a short distance away.

/Simon sits on the envelopes thoughtfully.

It worked for a while. What I hadn’t taken into account was the ray of sunshine –> to my right. It didn’t take Simon long to realise he’d be duped and he padded back over to assume his rightful post.

/I sigh loudly.

/Simon gives me a look which says I should have seen it coming.

/Enter Father who announces, “Vista must be really different.”

Mmm“, I say.

By keeping my reply brief and my eyes fixed on the screen I hoped to avoid being entangled in a conversation of indeterminate length with Father.

/Father waits.

My response was obviously not the correct one and he presses on with the conversation as originally planned. I will spare you the details.
He didn’t.

/Cut to me and Simon wasting time.

Listen carefully. He purrs the whole way through. And yes, that is him purring, despite the fact that he sounds like a pigeon.

*Hands up who thought they’d see the day when I publically thanked the ATO. Anyone? No?


3 responses to “Simon says do your tax

  1. simon is BEAUUUTIFUL!! ❤

  2. Yes, and he knows how to use it to his advantage. He's really a bad cat. (And I say that with utmost affection).

  3. That "should have seen it coming" photo made me laugh and laugh. Little shits, aren't they?

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