For moi?

Last month the mojo-est of Hannahs gave my blog this award, but at the time I didn’t posses the required level of self esteem to follow up by listing 7 reasons why I’m crunchy. I’m feeling a bit better about myself and my life right now (no, I haven’t got a job or a house yet… but you’ll know when it happens believe me) so I’ve taken a deep breath and fashioned something like a list.

1. I can untangle anything.

2. I can still recite a Japanese tongue-twister I learned 15 years ago which features persimmon fruit.

3. I have been accused of having perfect teeth.

4. I know, by heart, the recipe for the best ever chocolate fudge.

5. I can fold my tongue into three.

6. I can sing and play kit at the same time, if I know the song comfortably.

7. I have dimples.

I’m now obliged to pass the torch to 7 other unsuspecting bloggers. Trouble is, just about everyone I read has already received said torch – except maybe Butsy & The Mrs who are both probably too busy with their real lives to concern themselves with such trifles. But you know… have a go!


8 responses to “For moi?

  1. I might have a crack at it when we get back from the USA! 3 more sleeps!!! Eeeeeeeek!

  2. Oh, your list is really cool by the way, and I could think of another 700 awesome things about you!! You rock! (And just quietly, I miss you! 🙂

  3. I can verify number 4.

    Best. Chocolate. Fudge. EVER

  4. I can't resist dimples 🙂

  5. Oh Durdlin, these things are marvellous. I rate the solfa ability too. Were you taught music Kodaly-stylee?

    I'm sorry you were feeling not-so-chipper. I hope the job hunting goes OK. The coolest jobs anyway are the ones you find out about through friends, not the 'find a job ad and go interview' ones…

  6. I did both actually. Kodaly (aka 'moveable-do') at school from age 5 and 'fixed-do' outside school from age 4.

  7. 8. And gives awesome cuddles.

    9. Makes me laugh about stupid dumb things like 'get busy majestic'.

    10. Lots lots more that I don't have time to write because I'm procrastinating when I should be doing work, but you get the idea…

    Love you lots!

    – K. x

  8. Awww shucks Kellog. You're rad.

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