May I introduce

The dogs-and-cats-in-law of Bribie Island

Names: Carpet, Ratsack, Dingo Bait, Little Date
Age: Unknown but older than she looks
Features: Craves attention and won’t let you drink your tea
Likes: Human attention, supper
Doggy attention

Names: The Shadow, Professor Smooch
Age: Unknown, but he turned up a few years back
Features: Screams blue murder if you pick him up
Likes: Warm places, supper
Dislikes: Being picked up, getting locked under the house

Names: Sammy, *That* poodle
Age: Ancient
Features: Almost blind, has separation anxiety
Likes: The Doggy News, chewing Burfit’s precious Dominion cards, supper
Dislikes: Having the Doggy News confiscated because he won’t arsing well shut up

Names: Martha, Big Date
Age: Probably about 5-ish
Features: Big boy, big hair, big teeth, big slobber, big love
Likes: Thinking she’s a puppy, being chased around the fireplace, supper
Dislikes: Not fitting in your lap, thunderstorms, the ocean


4 responses to “May I introduce

  1. Oh my oh my, you are so clever. You have summed them up beautifully. But you forgot to mention that they are all for sale.
    My word verification is frognon ….snigger..

  2. My cat is a grey one rather like your own. She has taken to sleeping on the doormat forcing everybody to come in through the French windows.

    Lindy, I see your frognon and raise you barbuf.

  3. Oh Theo, I don't own Professor Smooch. He defies ownership. He chooses to be fed regularly by my marvellous parents-in-law who live 45 mins drive away. (We were house-and-animal-sitting the weekend I took these pictures).

    Also, I officially request you post a photo of your grey cat so I can point at my laptop screen and pronounce him, or in a broader sense, her, to be a "good cat".

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