Blog by numbers

96 – days we’ve been living with my parents
0 – amount of patience I have left for living with my parents
2 – jobs I didn’t get after great interviews
2 – houses inspected this weekend
11 – questions out of 20 I answered correctly on a sample Australian Citizenship Test (I failed)
7 – questions about Australians of whom I have never heard
0 – questions about indigenous Australians
2 – questions about sport
3 – questions I fluked by following the rule: if in doubt, pick C


5 responses to “Blog by numbers

  1. That test was a steaming pile of poo, and I'm not just saying that because I failed too.

    "10) Which of the following area, in which Government were active at the beginning of 20th century?"

    Sorry, what?

  2. Phar Lap didn't light the Olympic torch??? Who knew.

    I failed too …

  3. I got EIGHT. Unbelievable.

    My favourite question was 'When did Australians begin to be proud of their convict past?'

    Apparently the answer was the 1960s. What evidence are they basing this on? There is a 'Reference' hyperlink but it links to NOTHING, leading me to believe that they've got it there just to make us THINK they know what they're talking about.

    Most ridiculous question on a test EVER.

  4. I got 13/20 and I still failed!! AND I think the ONLY question I knew the answer to was the olympic cauldron one, my good (?) score is a testament to my guessing ability. 🙂

  5. Lucky it's not from an official government site. Still, it makes me wonder how helpful it would be. Grammatically errors and all.

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