The Ekka

We went to the Ekka on Saturday. Partly to have fun and do/see/eat the things we’ve missed the last couple of years, but mostly because the Ekka is changing and we wanted one last go – the way it’s always been. My Dad took me and my sister to the Ekka every year when we were growing up and he went every year when he was a kid too, so it’s full of nostalgia for my family.

And there are rules.

Things you have to do or it’s ‘just not right’:
– have a strawberry icecream
– count the piglets*
– cheer on Queensland in the woodchop
– get a Bertie Beetle showbag
– look at the interesting fruit displays

And Burfit and I have added our own rules over time:
– visit the dogs and tell them they’re good dogs
– wait by the turkey cages until you hear a gobble (then laugh hysterically)
– whinge about getting ‘ekka legs’

There were far fewer people at the Ekka this year than I expected, even taking into account the dreaded H1N1. It was quite easy to move around. Interestingly, the most crowded place was not the showbag pavilion but rather the animal nursery. It was packed with children who were gleefully feeding/chasing/picking-up-and-violently-hugging small animals. Either that or they were sombrely enjoying their 3 mins holding a bundle of warm softness.

This year a goat looked at me and Burfit had an interesting encounter with a duck.

The showbag pavilion was as mad as ever with the consumer frenzy at the front and the strange stalls at the back. This year in amongst the t-shirts and shopping-channel products was a guy selling whipper-snipper heads. Who goes to the Ekka and comes back with a new whipper-snipper head? Or a wig?

Sideshow Alley was surprisingly free of crowds by the time we made it there in the evening. But as always, it’s still chockers with crap no one needs. It was also not as friendly as I remember:

Aww, but I wanted to play.

And why is it that the things that are supposed to be scary are kind of cute and the things that are supposed to be cheery and fun are downright terrifying or vaguley unsettling.

The Ekka can be expensive and trashy. There’s no good food (unless you can exist on fairy floss buckets, toffee apples, dagwood dogs and icecream) and you’re almost guaranteed to catch a nasty virus of one flavour or another. But there’s nothing else quite like it. Nothing else has the same smell, the same sense of community, the same echoes of my childhood.

I probably won’t go to the Ekka for quite a few years now, but it’s nice to know it will trundle on without me.

*There were no pigs this year because they didn’t want the piglets to catch ‘swine’ flu from the filthy humans.: 2cm } P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } –>


5 responses to “The Ekka

  1. Awww…that sounds like so much fun! I kind of wanted to go, but with a four month old, it just wasn't worth the risk of getting sick.

    In fact, you are now on my list of people to avoid for the next week until you are cleared of any Ekka lurgies. Congratulations 😛

    The video with the duck made us laugh very hard….funny duck.

  2. Aaaaah the Ekka. Sounds like you did all the right things! Although, I didn't see "go on a spewy-chucky-uppy-ride on that list!

    (On a completely unrelated topic, LOVE the new look! Not that I didn't love the old one. May I ask where you got your template? And how easy it was to switch over?)

  3. Actually I've been more concerned about catching something from the sneezing brigade at work.

    If you select the Layout tab and 'Pick New Template' it's one of them. Glad you like it. I wish I knew how to fiddle with the html.

  4. Cheering on Queensland? No way man, it's Melbourne or nobody! (This isn't random, I used to live there).

    That is one skilled duck. It must spend all day looking for a sucker it could make follow it from side to side.


    ps, I meant to tell you what camera to buy! It's the how long is a piece of string question. It comes down to three brands, really, Sony, Cannon and Nikon. Cannon are technically great but pricey, Sony are really good and excellent value for money. Nikon are excellent as well and have a much larger range.
    Sony are phasing out their older range (I have the a350) so you may be able to find one at a good price from a shop looking to get rid of the old stock.
    It's also worth looking at the new Lumix cameras, they are like a compact version of a DSLR and I hear good things about them.

    I take a couple of magazines so I can look out a review if you've any questions on specific cameras. Sorry I took so long 😦 My bad.

  5. Melbourne eh? How long ago was that? And for how long?

    Thanks for the camera advice. I bought a Lumix about 18 months ago but now I want a DSLR so I have manual control. Wouldn't mind having an old fashioned email conversation if you have a minute in between being witty on twitter and xtranormal and feel inclined (durdlin at yahoo dot com).

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