Bad idea

I think up lots of ideas. They’re usually inefficient, unrealistic, illogical and short-sighted but I don’t realise this immediately. For example, this morning I was thinking about driving to Bribie. It’s a public holiday for the Brisbane CBD so I thought the traffic heading north might be heavy. And I thought:

– pretty soon everyone will have GPS
– there could be a central control tower that tracks every car with GPS
– when someone punches in their destination their GPS would spit out the quickest route, taking into account present traffic conditions
– so it would sort of look like a mail sorting facility

But then I realised there are people (like me) who might like living on a quiet street with little traffic.
wouldn’t be too pleased when the control tower directs traffic through their street.

Bad idea Durdlin.

2 responses to “Bad idea

  1. But if you didn't get stuck in the traffic then Tom and I wouldn't have been able to sneakily sneak up on you, and Tom wouldn't have been able to call Sma and say 'look to your right' and then the kids wouldn't have been able to wave to you and get really excited that you were in the car next to us…


  2. Alright yes, that was fun.

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