La de dah de dah…

It’s been a while since I’ve come across such a sticky song. This may be stickier than the last one so only click play if you think you can handle the sticky. Don’t come crying to me if you wake up tomorrow morning singing la de dah de dah…

I’m sort of hoping if I pass this tune on it will leave me be. If you did click play I’d be very interested to know whether this tune plagues you like it did me.


3 responses to “La de dah de dah…

  1. That's awesome. We have a Sesame St World Playground CD for the kids and they sing this in another language (can't remember which one). I'll have to play it to you.

    All of those guys except for the first guy are still on Sesame St too. Scary.

  2. Well, definitely sticky for me.

    I dare not imagine the powers of this song if they put in a cute little modulation in there towards the end somewhere.

    Is that a bassoon I hear around the 5 second mark too?

    Sesame St had the best best songs. I loved the Count's oeuvre especially, I think it cultivated an early love of all things klezmer…

  3. Hannah, your comment prompted me to go searching for my favourite song by The Count. But I got distracted by this instead.

    And there are so many related videos.

    Oh my…

    I think that's what you call all kinds of wrong. (But I will admit I giggled like a small child).

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