Bus tales continued

I neglected to mention two people in my dossier below (which on a second read-through doesn’t contain much that is made up after all). I’m feeling a bit uneasy writing about these two people because they’re different from the others. They’re Special.

When I was a kid I liked being Special and I thought if I was friends with someone I deemed to be Special then I was Special by association. In grade three I wanted to be friends with a girl called Kelly solely because she had glasses and no one else did. In grade five I wanted to be friends with the new girl, Nathalie, because she had an accent (and as we all know, accents are rad). As I got older it dawned on me that being Special was not always desirable and I supposed I gradually learned to feel sorry for the kids who were different. Even now I sometimes catch myself going out of my way to make Special people feel Normal – which in turn probably makes them more aware of their Special-ness and then I realise, oh crap, I’ve just made it worse. I just wanted everyone to be okay. How did I mess it all up?

But I digress.

Despite the fact that I don’t want to make them uncomfortable due to unwanted attention, I find myself wanting to be friends with them because of their Special-ness. Over the years I’ve assigned nicknames to loads of strangers, sometimes based on a defining physical feature, without a second thought. But now I feel guilty being so drawn to these two people on account of what are arguably their defining features: she has Albinism and he is blind.

They make such a wonderfully mysterious and charming couple.


2 responses to “Bus tales continued

  1. Dig out the Little Britain Sketch of the University Secretary on the phone – "How to describe him… he's about five four… dark hair… likie skateboarding…. and asian food… that's right, the ching chong chinaman."

    Funny because it is (cringeworthingly) true.

  2. Oh dear Theo. So painful!

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