What is wrong with me?

I revel in the beauty of a clean plastic container and enjoy doling out lunch-sized portions of leftovers more than is probably normal. But I can’t don’t wash them out. When I arrive home in the evening that’s the last thing I want to do. It’s tempting to say it’s the last thing on my mind but that would be a big, downright, stinking lie.

I do think about it.

I open my bag, take out the container, look at the thin layer of tomato-based sauce or dressing or whatever made my lunch so darn tasty, think how I really should wash it out straight away and save myself from a whole world of pain a week or so from now when I’ve run out of exquisitely clean containers and am forced to face the consequences of my laziness and exorcise the mouldy bastard demons by way of searing hot water and red apple detergent… and finally decide I’ve got other, more pressing matters to attend to and thoughtfully leave the container near the sink to ferment.


9 responses to “What is wrong with me?

  1. You need your dishwasher back. Dishwashers save marriages 🙂

  2. Sadly our dishwasher is in my parents' kitchen. (Which for all intents and purposes is also our kitchen).


  3. I think I do something similar with our washing sometimes. I do the washing, hang it up, fold it up, put it back in the basket, take it to our room and then it sits, FOLDED, in the washing basket. Cos you know, I've already put half an hour of my time into it – another 2 minutes would just be too much. It usually takes Hubs telling me "I've run out of boxers" for me to go "FINE! I'll put the washing away!!!!!"

    I don't think there's anything wrong with you Durdlin. I think that little perk just makes you all the more sweeterer. 🙂

  4. Hee hee… yeah I do that too.

  5. My theory is do it AT work!! Then you can put boiling water into it 'cause it comes out of the tap (much easier), and the little bits aren't crusty yet. AND it means 1 min less doing work! Win.

  6. Adele I have just purchased my own scrubber thingy so I can do just that. Now let's see if I can be arsed…

  7. Speaking as an older, experienced domestic worker, I recommend the ecologically and economically unsound, but supremely satisfying method of buying many many disposable containers, using them once, and throwing them in the bin. If anybody asks, I did not give you this advice …

  8. Trevor of the North

    disregard that last comment. LV doesn't understand the joy and satsifaction of a draweful of old takeaway and yoghurt containers. Admittedly, they have to have been processed by a dishwasher first. LV also has the odd, and I must say endearing habit (must because she is looking over my shoulder…) of putting all my clean but slightly damp containers out on the front verandah to dry, so that they can blow into the garden or collect interesting butcherbird excretions. But I mustn't grumble…

  9. Thanks, you make me laugh into my breakfast.

    Trevor, Lindy, you are the best in-laws this girl could have asked for.

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