In which Durdlin has an opinion

Nothing gets my goat quite like seeing “Why not…” in advertising.

Why not try…?
Why not visit…?
Why not buy…?

Why not? WHY NOT??? You tell me.

I don’t mean to be rude but I sort of thought that was the arrangement. You know… you have a product to sell so you tell me what’s so good about it – try to convince me I need it – then I make my decision. Asking “Why not?” is just lazy.

Oh go on…..

…..I’ve got no real reason, I’m just vaguely hoping this strategy will work.

If you’re going to spend money marketing your product, at least think up something good to say about it.
It makes me crazy! And (adding to the crazy) I always answer them – often inside my head but I am quite partial to yelling at the TV too.

Why not subscribe to -z- magazine?
Because I’m not THAT interested.

Why not visit -z-?
Because there are loads of other places I’d rather visit.

Who does this work on?

I just stumbled on this (unintentionally hilarious) website.
They use “why not” as more of a garnish with their generous helping of lies. And when you close the site, Ken tries to stop you! Hahahaaaa, oh Ken, thank you for making me laugh.


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