Dream blogger

65%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Last night I planned a blog post in a dream. The post was going to be called Junk which seemed extraordinarily witty at the time (let’s not forget I was unconscious). The post consisted of a crappy video of two people dancing, shot from the shoulders up. I don’t remember who the people were but I’ve a feeling they were D-list celebrities.


The site which hosts the blogging quiz also has a bunch of other quizzes, two of which took my Saturday-morning-fancy.

In particular, How many five year olds could you take in a fight?*, and What are your chances of surviving a zombie apocalypse?#

If you take any of these quizzes and don’t want to join their dating service, the link that takes you to your results without joining up is in small print at the bottom-right of the screen.




3 responses to “Dream blogger

  1. I don’t think I replied to your latest dream email, how rude. Please keep writing about dreams. As a non-dream-rememberer I love living a vicarious dream-life through them…

  2. Internet not yet connected at new house. Will be AWOL for a bit.

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