In which Durdlin appreciates local flora and fauna

At 5:30 yesterday morning, the sky looked like it had the hiccups. For the most part, it was carelessly blue but there were patches of very dark grey; colours and textures you don’t expect to see sharing the same canvas.

The light was gorgeous. It was the quality of light you sometimes see in the late afternoon. And it pains me to use such a tired phrase, but the sun really was bathing the morning in a warm glow. This caught me off guard because I’m not used to the sun being so agreeable. When I venture outdoors, I’m usually dressed for battle (Sunscreen. Hat. Umbrella.), because the sun, as I may have mentioned before, is trying to kill me.

Anyway, about a block North-West of Keverne there’s a big deciduous tree of some kind. It’s bare branches towered above the other trees nearby and right near the top I spotted three Rainbow Lorikeets.  They looked glorious in the morning sun and the explosion of colour against the mottled sky was breathtaking.

I sort of wished I had my camera with me but a) my morning walk isn’t about that and b) my camera wouldn’t have been able to do the scene justice.

These are some Rainbow Lorikeets I met at Bribie Island in April.  You’ll have to use your imagination for the other stuff.


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