Care of

“With each note, the suspense builds. Nostrils flaring, eyebrows quivering. Is he going to burst into tears? Have an orgasm? Make his head explode? Attract a goose looking for a suitable mate? No. He’s just going to sing us five octaves on the pee-ana and then walk away, with his completely non-ironic facial hair and striped shirt fully intact, leaving us breathless and wanting for more.”


4 responses to “Care of

  1. That’s hilarious!!! Were ANY of those notes in tune!?!?

  2. I watched this at work (naughty) and couldn’t stop giggling. I’m sure those last 10 notes were the same!!

  3. Ahahaheee heehohohahahaaaaaa! The eyebrows! THE EYEBROWS!

    Thanks. Myself and assorted singing teachers at work enjoyed this very much.

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