A human female

One of my oldest and dearest friends is currently – as I sit here and type this – in labour. I informed a colleague of this earlier today and she asked, “Does she know what she’s having?”

Uh, yeah… a baby.

I know what she meant (does she know if the baby is male or female?), but I had to try very hard indeed to not give the sarcastic answer. I managed to give a sensible answer (a human female) and we agreed that it was terribly exciting.

A similar internal struggle ensues any time Father announces that -pregnant woman- is “expecting”.  I know it isn’t clever, original or amusing, but I am compelled to ask, “Oh? What is she expecting?”

The terse answer is usually “a baby”.

(Sometimes two babies).


Anyway, pretty soon there will be another human female in the family Trafford and this one will have a sister.



7 responses to “A human female

  1. Yay! Go Nicole (and Baby Trafford). Cannot wait to hear the happy news later this evening.

    Isn’t God just the greatest? He makes the most amazing things.

  2. Yep, Caryn just sent me this message.

    “Baby (Girl) Trafford arrived at 11:24am this morning. 8 pounds 7 ounces. Mum & Bub doing well”

    Your blog was the first i’d heard of any of it. Am i just totally out of the loop?

  3. Gee, it’s not like they had anything better to do than make sure you & I got txt messages 😛

    Hooray for Baby Traffords

  4. We have a name! Michael just posted this on facebook:

    would like to introduce Michelle Grace Trafford to the facebook world. Michelle was born at 11:24am weighing 8pounds, 7 ounces.

  5. Wow! I was just thinking about them the other day and wondering what they were up to. Now I know! How lovely and exciting and super-special!

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