Our cat is leaking

Recently I noticed Doctor Octagon had been drinking more water than usual but had put it down to the increasingly hot weather.  But after Burfit discovered some suspicious stains (which led to him washing all our bedding), we leapt to the conclusion that our beloved cat was dying.   And with Theo’s recent experience still fresh in my mind, I decided I knew exactly what the problem was.

We took him to a nice vet* down the road who, after laughing at his name, pronounced our cat to be obese.

You think?

Doctor Octagon is not allowed on the bed any more

He didn’t seem to think our cat’s death was imminent and asked us to drop him in the following morning so they could take a blood and urine sample.  Turns out the problem is a urinary tract infection which is exacerbated by his size.  Now he’s on a course of drugs to clear up the infection so for the next 2 weeks we have to force drugs down his tiny throat.

It is not fun.  Why can’t he just gobble up his drugs with blob of cream cheese the way Martha does?


*Who looked a lot like Daniel Stern which was a little weird.


2 responses to “Our cat is leaking

  1. Have you tried cheap liverwurst spread? Sammy takes up to 6 tablets a day all covered in icky liverwurst. Worth a try.

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