Is that it?

It’s 12:58pm and I’m starting to wonder if my phone has been disconnected.
It has not made a sound all day.
And, not counting work that’s on-hold, we are pretty well up-to-date. 
I have spent the last 2 hours filing.
It’s only the beginning of December. What am I going to do come Christmas Eve?

While filing, I realised something about my work-self. I like to organise things, not people.

Sorting where there is disarray – e.g. filing
Fostering clarity where there is confusion – e.g. editing documents
Bringing order where there is chaos – e.g. untangling Christmas decorations

These are the things that please me.

If anyone needs me I’ll be in the compactus.


2 responses to “Is that it?

  1. Well, if you need some direction over the next few weeks, there are multiple piles of *things* downstairs that need to be sorted out and I would really prefer to drink gin than do that.

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