Mixed metaphors

Something I heard at work today:

“Hmm, you got the rough end of the short straw”.


5 responses to “Mixed metaphors

  1. I’m trying to combine 2 sayings about getting things mixed up but I’m not clever enough… sorry. Although I do recall my brother always saying “it all ends up in the wash” instead of it all coming out in the wash. Is that helpful? It must be Friday…

  2. I always enjoyed “Opening Pandora’s box of worms” but it’s not orginal.

  3. They’re doing it wrong! 🙂

  4. A bird in the hand makes a muckle.

    People who live in glass houses gather no moss.

    Okay, so they’re mixed proverbs, but it still makes me giggle like a small child.

  5. How I love humiliating myself in public, and I have such a talent for it! So I looked up my trusty Fowler.
    “The odd thing is that, whether she* is on the offensive or the defensive, the writer who ventures to talk of mixing metaphors often shows that she does not know what a mixed metaphor is”.
    Guilty as charged m’lud.

    * Pronoun changed as I am a girl

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