Things that made me smile today

  • I listened back to a conversation I had with Burfit the other night (I accidentally recorded it), and in it I tell him he’s never allowed to eat eggs again.
  • I had a private weep in the car while listening to the end of the 1812 Overture (St Petersburg Chamber Choir; Leningrad Military Orchestra; St Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra/Vladimir Ashkenazy).
  • Saw the “warning” below.
  • You can buy a flavour of tinned cat food called “Wild Salmon and Egg Soufflé with Garden Greens”.
  • My sister caught the bus with Albino-Girl and Blind-Guy and we decided they are definitely super heroes.
  • Not having to drug the cat when I got home.


2 responses to “Things that made me smile today

  1. The 1812, with chorus, is wonderful music. It is permitted to become teary. Esp when the optional choir starts. You must have a chorus……

  2. It’s not really Kafkaworld, just Mingus….

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