Nerdy-music fun

On Friday night I had the most nerdy-music-fun I’ve had in yonks.

We sorted cards in song.

(I know it sounds boring, but it really wasn’t).


A week or so ago, Burfit started sorting his (thousands of) Lord of the Rings cards into groups.  Each card has a number in the top-left corner, usually between 0 and 5.  When he put a card down with a 1 on it, he’d sing “one” using the first degree of a minor scale. When he put down a 2, he’d sing “two” using the second degree of the minor scale, etc (“zero” was the seventh degree using a natural minor scale).  When I walked by the games room and heard him dealing cards and singing a chant , it made me want to try a two-part chant.

Friday night:

We each had a pile of cards and as we sorted them into number groups, we sang the number on the card .

Here’s some crappy audio of us counting, using a natural minor scale:

Here’s some more crappy audio of us using a major scale:

And here’s me laughing at Burfit:


5 responses to “Nerdy-music fun

  1. Droobs!

    I look forward to a comparable amount of idiocy on Friday.

  2. You guys are just too too cute! (and was that a snort I heard, Durdlin?)

  3. Really and truly, I mean REALLY and truly. What ever happened to the sanctity of marriage? These are extremely personal (as well as private) activities which some of us don’t need to know about.
    Young people today …
    You don’t catch me counting in public, or showing off in a minor scale.
    IN MY DAY … dignity …marital bed … ahem .. is that the time? *scuttles off*

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