In which Durdlin reflects

This time last year we were in Vancouver celebrating the beginning of 2009 with my parents in their hotel room. I’m pretty sure we made them play Agricola or maybe Carcassonne and I seem to remember a quick trip out in the snow to get cheesecake.  By this time we’d made the big decision to come home in April as originally planned and thus began the quiet desperation that would pervade the coming months.  I loved my life in Vancouver and didn’t want it to end.

But since being home I have appreciated my Brisbane life in new ways and, on balance, I am content to be home. 2009 was a year in which I learnt lots, including:

  • My husband is an extraordinarily patient man*
  • Sometimes it is good to say nothing and listen instead
  • It’s nice to use people’s names when you talk to them
  • Disliking my job work makes time away from the office that much sweeter
  • I want at least one cat in my life at all times
  • There is always something to be thankful for

It’s strange that the beginning of a new year should be such a big deal. I expect tomorrow will be much the same as today has been. But nevertheless, it will still – somehow – feel different, special, fresh.

See you on the other side.

*I’ve learnt this before and will surely learn it again. And again.


4 responses to “In which Durdlin reflects

  1. All very important lessons. I like this one:

    “It’s nice to use people’s names when you talk to them”

    I’ve never really thought about that one. I might have to try that from now on. Although, knowing my memory, I’d probably call them the wrong thing.

    And I am thankful for YOU guys! Would love to catch up soon (sorry Friday didn’t work out).


  2. Wisdom loves an open mind. I wish I’d learned that as early in my life as you have.

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