Lost and found

I suppose at some point we’ve all wished we could call our lost keys/glasses/diary like we can a mobile phone (and there are products on the market that allow you to do nearly that) but my Idea goes one, maybe two, steps further.

It’s essentially a database of everything you own where each items is allocated a unique identifier. In the future, I assume everything will have some sort of electronic tag/barcode/identification. And if it doesn’t, you can always assign one with this system.  Each of these unique identifiers can be tracked using something analogous to GPS technology but it’s personal to your home so I’d recommend keeping it a closed network. Actually there’d have to be some serious mother-cussing security in place or robbers from all over would know where your stuff was.

Let’s move on to an example.  You’ve lost an item – say a battery charger for your digital camera – and you’re pretty sure it’s still in your house. This system allows you to do a search on the item’s unique identifier and, although the item itself won’t beep or flash a light in response, the software can triangulate the location of the item.  Note this is the not the distant future so you will need to actually go and look for the item in the specified location.

But suppose the lost item is something on loan from a friend and is therefore not registered on your database? I’m glad you asked.  You just do a search on exceptions: items not identified on the database. There may be a dozen or so hits, but it would certainly narrow down the places you have to look.

Pre-ordering open now.


4 responses to “Lost and found

  1. Great idea!

    I’ve always wanted a Ctrl-F button for my life.

    • Thanks 🙂

      I’m looking forward to the day when I can *copy* something on-screen and then *paste* it to a scrap of paper to stick to the fridge.

  2. Do they work for children?

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