Guest Idea

Burfit’s Mom was telling us last night about this Idea she has about the way we communicate with other people.  I really like this Idea and she says it’s okay to write about it as long as I don’t try to steal it from her.  So let’s all take a quick moment to thank Mom for this Idea. And from this day forth, anytime this Idea pops into your head, please do remember, you might have read about it here, but it’s not mine.

When we engage in conversation with someone, we make a certain number of communication ports available. Each port represents a topic we’re willing to discuss with the other person and so there are fewer ports open when I’m talking to someone I don’t know very well.  Here are some examples:

A girl at work: my cat (open), her cat (open), what she is doing for lunch (open), going clubbing (closed).

A fellow bus passenger: the lateness of the bus (open), the weather (open), their medical history (closed), which bus stop is mine (open), where I live (closed).

My family: the cats (open), my job (open), Burfit’s upcoming work (open), why we don’t have children (closed).

Some people seem to have all their ports open all the time and others only ever seem to have a few open.  Or maybe it’s just that my ports and their ports don’t align, or are incompatible.

And when it’s late at night and/or you’ve had a few drinks, some ports sneak open without your permission and you end up talking about things you wouldn’t usually.

Interesting Idea huh?

PS: We’re at Bribie and I’m using a TGV Downstairs Computer which has a lovely old keyboard. It’s a Dell “QuietKey” keyboard which amuses me because it provides a delicious clackity-clack sound with each key I press.  I feel like Julie Andrews in Thoroughly Modern Millie! (As much as one can…)


3 responses to “Guest Idea

  1. I’ve always said she was a clever chick. That’s quite neat, and so true. I’m going to have to start analysing my relationships in terms of this… there’s a whole afternoon tea conversation in this, I’m sure. 🙂

  2. All of my ports seem to be open all of the time! I’ve never been very mysterious unfortunately… 🙂

  3. An interesting way of putting it, and I can relate very much.

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