Local ailments

Burfit came home from recording last weekend complaining of Jazz Brain and Ekka Legs.  This afternoon when we were giggling about Jazz Brain (again) it occurred to me we are developing quite a collection of ailments.  Here is a sample:

  • Jazz Brain
  • Ekka Legs
  • Dutch Mouth
  • String Fingers
  • Cheese Hands
  • Bolognese Bowels
  • Snappy Neck
  • Laser Face

Care to add any?


7 responses to “Local ailments

  1. Of course! I immediately thought that it meant you had been careless with your beverage.

  2. Just back from bridge and I am suffering from the following symptoms: bridge brain, bridge paranoia, bridge Serial Killer Syndrome and hallucinations. RW has a sore back, but that was from playing in the women’s final of the Australian Open tennis. (He won!) Not really what you are talking about.

    Other problems are Poodle Night Blindness, Marital Deafness and Singer’s Squeak.

    TGV is a martyr to Mung Beansprout Bowels.

  3. Hee hee… marital deafness…

  4. One of cool things about being a mother AND a teacher is that my kids (the ones I…um.. own?) get really scared whenever I pull out Teacher Voice. They don’t like it at all.

    I think I’d like to add Zappa Fingers to that list too.

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