7 responses to “Ouch

  1. OW! You poor thing! Hope you’re not in pain for long. x

  2. Oh! Looks like someone took a hot iron to your face. Ow.

  3. Now what did your Mum tell you about getting those facial tattoos. Young people today …
    PS I do hope it’s not as painful as it looks.
    Wouldn’t this be a great opportunity to wear that Phantom of the Opera mask you have cluttering up the place?
    Can I think of anymore insensitive remarks to make? No, I’m all out, thank heavens.

  4. Goodness!! Hang in there, its all for a good purpose in the end….

  5. So happy for you, that you finally got to have your appointment. It does look particularly painful. But joy! for the R&R days off 🙂

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