Go Canada!!!

Watching the Canada v USA hockey match live.

So glad I took today off.

Go Canada!


6 responses to “Go Canada!!!

  1. Jealous!! Wish I could come and watch too…

  2. Just saw the Olympic news… Damn!

  3. Hmmm. At first I thought this post may have been unaustralian but as it’s Canada vs USA, you have escaped being reported to the Dept of Unaustralian Affairs. Go Canada!!!!
    PS Did they win?

  4. why, yes! Yes they did! And it was absolutely wild on the streets of Vancouver in celebration. Oh yeah! Go! Canada Go!

    • What I saw was the first game they played against each other – before the quarter finals had even started. I WISH I’d been at home to see the gold medal match! How excitement!

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