In which Durdlin meets internet friends

Until last weekend, meeting an internet friend in real life was not something I’d ever experienced.  I found Hannah’s blog in March 2006 just after I’d been to Womadelaide with Doch.  We found some common ground (cats, tea, British humour, bass-player-dudes) and have kept in touch ever since.  When Hannah said Craig had a gig in Brisbane and floated the idea of visiting I was super excited. And nervous.

It made me a bit giddy to think Hannah and Craig would be visiting and I have to admit, when they were sitting on our couch drinking tea on Saturday morning, I was quite star-struck.  Fortunately The Doctor was around and feeling interactive so that took the pressure off.

We checked out Craig’s gig with Vorn Doolette at The Music Kafe in West End and had dinner at Gertie’s in New Farm where Burfit had a gig.  While he got his Afro-Latin groove on we had gelati and walked down to The Powerhouse*.  I had relaxed in the new dynamic of our friendship by that stage and was feeling a lot more like myself.

On Monday Hannah and Craig went to see APT6.  We met up for afternoon tea (carrot cake with cream cheese icing!), went on The Wheel of Brisbane** and mucked about at South Bank until they had to get the train to the airport.

Hannah and Craig, thanks so much for coming to visit us.  I was heaps good to meet you both properly.

I guess it’s our turn to come to Adelaide next…

*Fun fact: The refurbished building was opened as a venue in May 2000 and had an overhaul in 2007.

**Err, great name guys…

3 responses to “In which Durdlin meets internet friends

  1. Awww, such fun times. We were sad to get back. Only just got internet back so I’ll post up a Brissie storm v soon.

  2. PS Perth definitely got a worse deal by calling theirs the ‘Wheel of Excellence’.

    • I don’t know why, but this comment ended up in my spam queue. Glad I found it eventually. I feel a bit better about our wheel now.

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