26 things

Good grief, this photographic scavenger hunt from sh1ft.org was challenging.  I’m not really happy with some of these but time’s up and this is what I have.  I hope the pictures speak for themselves but you can hover over each picture for a caption if you wish.

A building in the Brisbane CBD

#1: Structure

The list I'm following

#2: Follow

Kellee's new Nord

#3: Covet

Good, better, best

#4: Triple

Burfit plays for me

#5: Hands

Threading this was easy-peasy

#6: Eye

Expensive tomato

#7: Fancy

Mini sun-dial type contraption

#8: Time

Grandma's pretty bowls

#9: Rainbow

Vancouver, I miss you so

#10: Sadness

A selection of Burfit's comics

#11: Stack

Childhood toys

#12: Line up

The Wheel of Brisbane (which is supported by other wheels)

#13: Wheels

Ants have six legs

#14: An insect

These plants are taller than me

#15: Into the air

Thank you Mr JS Bach, sir

#16: Direction

Tom's latest eBay find

#17: New

Half my face recovering from IPL

#18: Half

A plane from the Wings of War game

#19: Set up

The very hungry Doctor

#20: 10 mins away

Nothing in there today

#21: In my mailbox

I sometimes drink wine

#22: Sometimes

The wine I sometimes drink

#23: Bottle

Studio Green

#24: Behind the scenes

Breakfast Creek

#25: Corner

Keverne's front door

#26: A door

Links to other entries will be posted in the comments on this page.

Go check them out.

I bet they’ll be good.


14 responses to “26 things

  1. They are fantastic! You are really showing off your photographic skill with these…well done

  2. Pingback: 26 Things: February 2010

  3. Ooh… that’s great! Notes on…

    *covet – I covet that Nord. Oh, hang on… it’s mine! *does happy dance*

    * direction – oops. Sorry. I printed out that music but fell asleep on the couch before I could give it to burfit before he left. Sorry.

    … and your photos for ‘triple’, ’10 minutes away’ and ‘rainbow’ are brilliant. You’re getting quite good at this thing. When does your course start again?

    You’re rad. Your camera is rad. Together you’re an unstoppable force.


    • Thanks Kel (and Amy)!
      My second class is tomorrow night.

      You *could* stop me – temporarily – by nicking off with the battery… but please don’t.

  4. Marvellous! The “eye” is my favourite. Genius! What class are you doing?

  5. Rockin. Can’t wait to see more of the good stuff!

  6. ‘Corner’ is brilliant!

  7. What an imagination you have – thinking way outside the square. I am lost in admiration but my favorite favorite is “10 minutes away”. 2 empty bowls and the doctor’s hopeful expression. Gold.

  8. Urm explaination of the half picture? Love all the ;pictures xxx

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