The Friday Sampler

Overheard 10:58am
“We can find out any recent developments and ask him why he dropped us in it”.
“Okay, but maybe we’ll start with something different”.

Sticky songs
Old Love Song – Laura Hill and the Tuesday Bandits
The Monkey Song – Veggie Tales
Will you go out in the nude with me? – The Montgomery Clifts

11:10am – I like working in a secure area. Every time I use my swipe access card and the little light goes green and it makes that little beep noise, I feel accepted.
11:52am – Board games and Thai food with Adele – wheee!
1:18pm – What was the name of those candy bars we used to buy at the corner store?? There was a caramel one and a peppermint one and they had matching wrappers.  This is driving me crazy.
1:39pm – Bobbies (peppermint) and Kurls (caramel)!
3:07pm – The Audit manager has the penmanship of a five-year-old.
3:47pm – Is it wrong to form an emotional attachment to office equipment? I love the giant old shredder in the photocopy room.


2 responses to “The Friday Sampler

  1. Ah… the Montgomery Clifts. We’re friends with Geoff Hooton, the bass player. I don’t think I’ve really heard much of their stuff though.

    I like your random thoughts. 🙂

  2. Bobbies! Kurls! I had forgotten about them! The Bobbies were my fave.
    3:57 – I suppose it depends on your intentions…

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