I’m not sure

I’m not sure if I like the new Doctor Who.  I was prepared to detest Matt Smith but didn’t.  I’m not saying I like him, but I certainly didn’t dislike him. Have I run out of options there?

I finally got a chance to watch the first episode on iView and have some thoughts:

  • I don’t like the new logo
  • I don’t like the new theme
  • I do like Steven Moffat’s writing
  • I think I like the bowtie

I guess I’ll stick with it as long as my internet connection and iView remain friends (they have a rocky relationship at present)


2 responses to “I’m not sure

  1. I think he’d be great if he was given anything to do, or anything to say. But whether he does or not, I’ll never know, because after that last monstrosity, I’m Never Watching It Again, etc.

  2. I have to admit that I really really don’t like the new Dr Who. I keep getting cranky and yelling stuff at the TV.

    Then again, I was never that big a Dr Who fan to start with!

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