Starting again. Again.

Although starting a new job can be

  • exciting
  • stimulating
  • rewarding

I’m thoroughly sick of

  • trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up
  • updating my resume
  • writing job application

The new job I started today is the 6th position I’ve held in 4 years (not counting temporary 1-2 day jobs) and that makes me a little ashamed.  But I have reasons. Reasons!

  • In 2006 I left my telecommunications/projects job because I got a promotion working as an EA for a complete bastard-head
  • In 2007 I had to leave the complete bastard-head because I realised he was a complete bastard-head
  • In 2008 left my EA job at DPI to go to Vancouver for a year
  • In 2009 left my EA job in Vancouver to come back to Brisbane
  • In late 2009 I switched jobs internally at DET because I was asked to, and
  • In 2010 I switched jobs internally at DET because I wanted to be challenged

And damnit, now I’m being challenged.  Plus I’m stuck in that horrid phase of asking hundreds of questions a day, learning from my mistakes, stumbling through phone calls while my brain catches up and all those other necessary evils that comes with a new job.  It’s exhausting but I’m sort of getting used to it.  I started in Registration close to a year ago so I suppose I was due for a change.

But on the plus side, today I heard my boss say “… or write the name of whomever sent the email”.
I stopped her to ask if she’d just said “whomever” and then grinned maniacally when she said yes.

I think I might like my new boss.


4 responses to “Starting again. Again.

  1. Yay!! I like your new boss too. A good boss makes all the difference. You are going to be fantastic! 🙂

  2. I hear you on the new job exhaustion- when everything takes forever to do, because you don’t know little stupid stuff….like the trash can is now on the righthand side of your desk, instead of the left.

    Glad to hear that you are liking your new boss, you deserve to be happy at work!

  3. Thanks Adele! Thanks Amy!

    And, tomorrow we’re moving floors, thus reducing the chances of me running into my old boss in the kitchen. Hooray 🙂

  4. I hear you loud and clear my friend. I’m sure you’ll do absolutely great in your new role! Also, I think I may have mentioned this (or forgotten to) but I went to see a careers counsellor a few years ago and it was really very helpful! I know you’re not the only person going through the “what do I want to be when I grow up” motions, but I’m sure you’ll find your niche. In the mean time, enjoy the “whoms”!

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