Week ending 7 May, 2010

I’m nicking an idea from Karli at Life Like Lola and will henceforth attempt a regular weekly post.  During the week I often find myself having odd thoughts or strange conversations that I want to remember.  If I’ve got my wits about me I’ll put them in my phone or type them in an email to myself (none of this pesky last century pen and paper business) and then publish them here.

7:10am, 6 May, 2010

Durdlin: Bye-bye love
Burfit: Mmgphfg
Durdlin: Give my regards to Sleepy-land
Burfit: MmPHFgghufbh
Durdlin: …What?
Burfit: I’m seeing the Lord Mayor now.

8:55am, 6 May, 2010

Boss: Did you hear that?
Durdlin: What? The printer that sounds like a chicken?
Boss: No.
Durdlin: Then what?
Boss: It’s chocolate. Calling my name.

10:25pm, 7 May, 2010

Burfit: “This lemon curd tastes like… it has notes of burned-out slot car”*.

1:09pm, 8 May, 2010

Durdlin: Yonkers is an actual place isn’t it.
Burfit: Yep.
Durdlin: I used to think it was–
Burfit: A state of mind?
Durdlin: –slang for New York

*Apparently this is a good thing.


2 responses to “Week ending 7 May, 2010

  1. lifelikelola

    I wish you well in this endeavour. Sometimes I find myself racking my brain about what to write but find the parameters have helped me a bit to stay organised!

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