One of those days

Do you think having one of those days is some sort of phenomenon? Phenomena? (Doo dooo de doo doo). And, once you admit you’re under its influence, are you more susceptible to misfortune?

No, of course you’re not. That’s bollocks. I’m just more aware of all the things that do go wrong so I can chalk them up to having one of those days.

My evidence:

7.24am – Get to train station and realise my GO card is at home, next to the bed.

7.25am – Go to buy ticket and find I am 90c short for a single ticket.

7.31am – Walk back to car to scrounge for change.

7.39am – Return to station with a fist full of change, attempt to buy a daily ticket and find I’m still short. Curse under my breath.

(When did buying a physical ticket with physical money become so expensive?)

7.45am – Buy a single ticket and tell myself to remember to get money at lunchtime so I can get home.

7.50am – Congratulate myself for taking the train in the mornings instead of the bus as it’s far quicker.

7.51am – Train slows to a stop for no apparent reason.

7.56am – Train begins to crawl at 5kmph towards Central Station.

8.28am – Arrive at work and realise my security pass is attached to my GO card, which is at home next to the bed.

8.35am – Decide this is definitely a coffee morning.

8.40am – Find the milk has turned over the weekend. Pout.

8.41am – Congratulate myself on putting aside some gold coins in the money box in my drawer for occasions such as this.

8.55am – Realise the key to the money box is attached to my GO card and security pass, which are at home next to the bed.

9.00am – Buy a small coffee and nearly jump out of my chair when I notice the cup has a face.

12.00pm – Go out to meet Burfit and to buy milk.  Forget to buy milk.

12.30pm – Get back to my building and remember I don’t have my security pass.

12.31pm – Take the stairs to level 5 because a) the stairs are inside the secure area and, b)the door is always unlocked.

12.33pm – The door is locked.  Turn around and stomp downstairs again.

12.35pm – Resolve to blog about my crappy morning.

Creepy bastard


6 responses to “One of those days

  1. I sometimes think that once a few dodgy things happen to me in a day, I start looking for more dodgy things so it makes a REALLY good story. Like, each individual one of the incidents that happened to you are annoying, but put them all together and voila! An awesome blog post! 🙂 I hope your day today is so much better!

  2. How do you do days like that without morphing into a ranting virago? I lost it at 8.55. By the time I’d toiled up 5 sets of stairs to discover the locked door, I would have been looking for a cat to kick.
    I admire your stoicism.

  3. I had one of those days today!!! Started by me realising that my uni subject sucked even worse than initially thought, closely followed by locking my keys in my car as soon as I got to work….don’t even get me started!!!
    Redeeming feature – work morning tea where people had baked!! Chocolate brownies and mini cheesecakes….

    • Damn, locking your keys in the car sucks bad.
      But as far as I’m aware chocolate brownies and mini cheesecakes make everything better so I’m glad you came out on top. Close call though!

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