In which Durdlin considers Crowded House

Tonight we played a few rounds of Rummikub and listened to Recurring Dream: The Best of Crowded House.

Having given it a couple of minutes of casual thought (while half my brain concentrated on the game), I’m inclined to describe Crowded House as the Beatles of my generation. And before you shoot me down I acknowledge there are lots of reasons why they’re not like the Beatles. Maybe it would be going a bit too far to say everyone likes at least one Crowded House tune but I think they’ll stand the test of time.

I asked Burfit what his favourite Crowded House tune is and he couldn’t pick just one.  And neither could I.  As the tracks cycled through I tried to make a shortlist but it ended up being half the album.  My short, short, shortlist is probably (Probably, see? I just can’t commit), something like:

  • Into Temptation
  • Better Be Home Soon
  • Pineapple Head
  • Four Seasons in One Day

I also really like She Will Have Her Way but that’s getting into Neil Finn solo territory.

Do you have a favourite Crowded House tune?
Can you pick just one?

For any international visitors (you know who you are – I know you’re there) who may not be familiar with Crowded House, I’d encourage you to look them up. And if you do I’d be very interested to know your thoughts.


One response to “In which Durdlin considers Crowded House

  1. I’m not sure I quite agree with them being The Beatles of our generation, but that are incredibly rad. Certainly one of my favourite bands if I had to narrow it down.

    And I think that, as musicians, it’s impossible for us to write our definitively favourite song or artist/band. Mine changes on almost an hourly basis. These guys, Radiohead and The Beatles would have to be up there as three of my favourite BANDS though… but then you’ve got to consider solo artists… *sigh* Too tricky.

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