Laserface II

I’m gearing up for round two of laserface and it may surprise you to hear I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Yes, it will mean a thoroughly boring wait in the outpatient clinic where they play Channel 7 a little too loudly to ignore – yick – and yes, it will mean searing pain for a short while. But! It also gives me a decent stint at home in which to drink tea, catch up on my sudoku puzzle-a-day calendar, snuggle with The Doctor, try making lemon cheesecake, start watching West Wing Season 6 and stare forlornly at my multi-coloured, swollen face in the mirror. Photos will be forthcoming.

I feel I should let you know that I wrote this post while rocking out to Phil Collins. I’ve just discovered that I really like the album, No Jacket Required, especially the tracks I Don’t Wanna Know and Take Me Home. I know I’m about 25 years behind the times but I don’t care.  Any tune featuring a repeating octave is a winner in my book. (What was I doing in ’85 anyway? Probably watching Inspector Gadget or something so you can’t really fault me there, can you?). If you’ve got 6 minutes to kill, you want to see something really rather awkward and you’re a repeating-octave-enthusiast like me, click here to watch the film clip for Take Me Home.


One response to “Laserface II

  1. Thinking of you in the waiting room this morning – not so much fun really, but I hope you catch up on your sudoku 🙂

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