How the pedestal fan and mix master locked me out of the house

While I was at home nursing my laserface, I made a lemon cheesecake. During the baking process, some lemon mixture got stuck on the body of the mix master which meant I had to clean it off. But I was more interested in playing games, drinking tea and eating said cheesecake so I left the mix master on the floor near the door which leads to the laundry*. I knew if I put it too far out of the way I’d forget about it and it would never get clean. I had to leave it somewhere that would be in my way enough to prompt me to clean it but not so in the way that it would interfere with my enjoyment of being house bound.

The pedestal fan has been in our bedroom since we moved in. But now that it’s Winter (hooray!) we have no use for it and I’ve been meaning to take it down to the laundry for weeks.

So here’s what happened.

Burfit leaves for a breakfast meeting and leaves me and the cat at home. I’ve got washing to do so I put my ear phones in and start pottering about. I notice the pedestal fan in our room and decide it’s finally time to take it to the laundry to wait for Summer. But because I’m super efficient/lazy (you pick; the net result is the same in this instance), I have my hands full of things that are laundry-bound so the cord for the pedestal fan drags along behind me.

As I walk through the kitchen and down the stairs to the laundry the cord finds its way under the door. The cord fits under the door.
The plug at the end does not.

So while the mix master ensures the door is not secured, the pedestal fan plug gets stuck on the other side of the door and slams it behind me.

Okay where are my keys?
On the coffee table.

Where is my mobile phone?
Also on the coffee table.

Maybe I could wake the cat up and…

Maybe I can sacrifice a bobby-pin and pick the lock?
I tried and failed. (Actually I gave this a really good go)

Maybe one of the windows is open?
No, it’s Winter (hooray!) and everything is shut.

Try the bobby-pin again?
Still nothing.

The rest you know.

*This door is usually open with a door stop wedged underneath but, with the mix master in the way, it was open but not secured.

3 responses to “How the pedestal fan and mix master locked me out of the house

  1. Aaaaaah I seeeeee! It makes so much sense now! Those darn pesky household appliances…

  2. That is hilarious. I locked myself out the other day, but in nowhere near such a dramatic fashion – simply took one the wrong key for the door that I locked. I got to know my neighbours who very nicely let me call my M&D to come let me in.

  3. Hahahahahahahahahaha … oh my ears and whiskers

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