In which Durdlin is stabbed. Twice.

No cause for alarm: I gave blood for the first time this afternoon.

I’ve always felt like the sort of person who would give blood but somehow circumstances have conspired against me and I have never actually been able to give blood. But since I finished my marathon course of antibiotics (after 3 years give or take) it dawned on me that I could try again.

A nd then I promptly forgot about it.

But this week at work I saw a poster that said a bus would come to our building to pick up anyone who wanted to give blood. So I signed up and (after missing the bus) finally got to do it. And after my right arm started bruising almost immediately, they switched to my left so now I have a very fetching bandage around each arm, a pen and a lolly pop. Yay!

I was feeling rather elated until I nearly fainted at the bus stop.

Now I’m just feeling a bit woozy.


4 responses to “In which Durdlin is stabbed. Twice.

  1. Good for you! I think giving blood is such a great thing. I signed Hubs and I up for a bit of a “blood bonding” session (that sounds so wrong) and they ended up not wanting my blood cos my iron levels were too low. So he had to bleed without me 🙂
    Anyway, well done and keep up those fluids and sugars!

  2. Go you! I’m impressed. I think it’s good that you’ve got battle scars because then, when someone asks what happened, you can smile and smugly say, ‘I gave blood… LOTS of blood.’


  3. Well done! Giving blood is an important thing, you’ve saved a life today.

  4. Thanks, I feel good about it.

    And you should see the bruise I have now. It’s pretty impressive.

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